Woodstock Museum Opens To The Public


Yes. My Last name is Yasgar – Like Max – but with an “A” not a “U”. Yes…we are….

There is a new museum open at the site of woodstock. The herald tribune finds this a worldly cultural event….

All my life …I’ve gotten the question. or the comment. what’s funny is that it is in fact true. I am related to him. He and my grandfather were first cousins. And in my own family lore – a little story about music and technology: My grandfather was watching TV and Max Yasgur was on talking about the festival. Lo and Behlold my grandfather found himself essentially looking in a mirror. He and Max bore a STRIKING resemblance. So he and my grandmother (and her sister & husband) piled in the car from New Haven and drove to Bethel. Turns out their father’s were brothers, one the oldest and one the youngest, of a large Russian family and had lost touch during all the waves of immigration. Imagine that. I’ve watched the Woodstock movie and seen Max’s face…it is in fact true – they do look alike and i like to imagine how thrilling a discovery that was for my grandfather. TV, Hippies = Good.

I have to say I’ve got my own little dream about that spot. To buy the farm and turn it into a music camp for kids but more like a little UN. 2 kids from every country for the summer. Using music to take down all the cultural differences they may think they have and to teach other about where they come from…and take their experiences home. It must be the hippie child in me. Thanks Mom.

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