When is a Comment a Crime?

This article on the legal issues surrounding UGC, blogging and comments is pretty interesting.

They state that 84% of people 18 to 24 have participated in UGC – a high number to say the least. But as I read this I can’t say that prior to reading this, that I thought of a “comment” as a form of UGC – but I stand corrected according to the legal team at DLA Piper. What interests me here is that the laws around posting a comment could be harsher than the laws around voicing a comment. Where does the right of free speech end in the blogosphere? Is having an opinion illegal depending on what your opinion is and where you voice (type) it? Is a protest on the street more legal than a protest on the page?

The article refers to a blogger who was fined in the UK for his comments around how he was treated by police. Here is the BBC coverage Something to think about.