Trent Reznor Filling the Holes in Our Heads

Picture%20143.pngI’ve been a Nine Inch Nails fan for a loooooong time. Fond memories of the Axis club in Boston – a small small room overcome by the sound and lights of NIN. So it is with great fascination, admiration and just awe that I’m watching the reincarnation (?), evolution (?) birth (?) of Trent Reznor’s music into a story, a tale that this article from Crave describes as “Orwellian”. Wow.

Trent is developing what can be best described as a dystopian sci-fi TV show. All this forward movement stemmed from one fan figuring out that the highlighted letters on a t-shirt spelled out a secret web address. Behind the address – conspiracy theories. I watched this project happen – it was truly incredible and Trent is working with some really talented people on his vision. The one ting that irks me is that there seems to be this public opinion that it’s his frustration with the major label system that is driving all this – whereas i just firmly believe that Trent’s creativity and ideas go further than what the major label system was ever intended to handle. Everyone can shout about changing the system but there are so many boundaries in place for that to happen in an instant.

Not every artist can be Trent Reznor…not every artist has that many layers to what they are creating, singing about – sometimes a love song is just a love song. But when you are a Trent Reznor – it’s important to surround yourself with MANY creative types – from MANY businesses. I can’t wait to see what the TV show brings. I can somehow see it having the same intense following as a “24” without even having seen one clip!

What will be really interesting is seeing how advertisers are integrated and dealt with. Trent has always been extremely cautious about his brand relationships….TV programming changes that a bit I would think!