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if you know me at all – which you may not – or think you do – or sort of do (which will not seem snarky once you read this article) you will know that i read this article with VORACIOUSNESS – or is that VORACITY? either way – if you are at all interested in why we do the things we do and how the world is changing/adapting etc…to technology.  READ THIS.

My BRIEF synopsis….and favorite points:

“Social scientists have a name for this sort of incessant online contact. They call it “ambient awareness.” 

The ambient information becomes like “a type of E.S.P.,” as Haley described it to me, an invisible dimension floating over everyday life..

No message is the single-most-important message. It’s sort of like when you’re sitting with someone and you look over and they smile at you. You’re sitting here reading the paper, and you’re doing your side-by-side thing, and you just sort of let people know you’re aware of them.

Robin Dunbar argued that each human has a hard-wired upper limit on the number of people he or she can personally know at one time.

“I outsource my entire life,” she said. “I can solve any problem on Twitter in six minutes.” 

If you’re reading daily updates from hundreds of people about whom they’re dating and whether they’re happy, it might, some critics worry, spread your emotional energy too thin, leaving less for true intimate relationships.

This is the ultimate effect of the new awareness: It brings back the dynamics of small-town life, where everybody knows your business.

When cyberspace came along in the early ’90s, it was celebrated as a place where you could reinvent your identity — become someone new.

“If anything, it’s identity-constraining now,” Tufekci told me. “You can’t play with your identity if your audience is always checking up on you.

“You know that old cartoon? ‘On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’? On the Internet today, everybody knows you’re a dog! If you don’t want people to know you’re a dog, you’d better stay away from a keyboard.”

WIFI Cameras

 I’m always impressed with folks who so diligently upload their photos.  It always seems like such a “task” – the mobile uploads from my iphone that land on facebook – are fine for that purpose, but i’m still a photo junkie and use my Leica digital to take “real” pictures in hi res.  How to combine the 2?

WIFI cameras.  I’m surprised these aren’t being marketed more heavily! This is a great solution for technophobes and technogeeks alike.  Why hasn’t Flickr or Facebook or Snapfish etc….been partnering with these co’s and pushing this option….i literally was not even sure it existed until I typed WIFI camera into google and lo and behold a whole “grid” comparing features and pricepoints….

Even wifi printing enabled….although it won’t ever replace the thrill of a polaroid.

Looks like I found mom’s xmas gift.

Lost in Patriotism, Convention Land and Facebook

Recently I have been spending ALOT of time online, on the couch with the TV tuned to CNN. ALOT of time. I don’t quite recall every paying this much due to our political process.  And i’ve paid my dues – canvasing, phonebanks, rock the vote events, standing on corners in Boston registering voters, picketing etc….  but this election is sucking me in – i now know that Montana has its first woman congress member attending the convention, that new mexico has largest spanish delegate percentage, have become fond of the phrase “the great state” and all its pomp.

I’m officially entrenched and it’s my own fault.  With every election the web becomes more and more important – and the sophistication that the campaign is using with their web marketing?  Every brand should be paying attention.  These guys are GOOD!   I’m amazed at the McCain campaign’s saavy “get” of youtube search terms, impressed by the emails i get everyday from the Obama campaign (and know that it is former Rock The Vote genius at work!)  And I’m consistently fascinated and impressed with my network at their consistent posts, that they too are multitasking during convention craziness….and yes – it does feel like I’m watching with 100 of my friends….somehow it does.

With this election I have been able to truly test the search engine capabilities of that blog button in google…I find myself deep into the search at sites like – because i need to know everything about the “pistol packing mother of five” (thanks Cindy) as well as the things that people are making up (it’s a good one – go visit it)

I’m disappointed that i can’t get more of the CNN coverage in their LIVE stream – I can’t wait until we get to IPTV and there is no defining difference between the content streaming on the 2 boxes…..although i do not mind the talking heads  on a bigger screen and being able to do 3 things at once.  My 13″ screen isn’t big enough to handle streaming, blogging, facebooking, and IM’ing. And I truly have given up on watching Jon Stewart at 11pm and he is now my morning coffee (do i really need to see it right before bed? as long as i can chat about it by ten am!)

I wish that our local elections could use the web in the same way – I do believe that engaging people online at the local level around politics is something that hasn’t yet been figured out.  Perhaps a new market for a Citysearch? A Yelp?  There must be a way to get people to review their local congressman with the same fervor that they review the pizza place around the corner……..

Jon Stewart could figure it out….Jon Stewart and Hans Riemer.