WIFI Cameras

 I’m always impressed with folks who so diligently upload their photos.  It always seems like such a “task” – the mobile uploads from my iphone that land on facebook – are fine for that purpose, but i’m still a photo junkie and use my Leica digital to take “real” pictures in hi res.  How to combine the 2?

WIFI cameras.  I’m surprised these aren’t being marketed more heavily! This is a great solution for technophobes and technogeeks alike.  Why hasn’t Flickr or Facebook or Snapfish etc….been partnering with these co’s and pushing this option….i literally was not even sure it existed until I typed WIFI camera into google and lo and behold a whole “grid” comparing features and pricepoints….

Even wifi printing enabled….although it won’t ever replace the thrill of a polaroid.

Looks like I found mom’s xmas gift.