I’m Obsessed With CNN

It¹s true. I am obsessed with CNN. I¹ve been working on a project and in the
house for almost a week. I went out last night to a friend¹s house to watch
the debate. We stopped at the wine shop which was full and bustling of
other west villager nyc residents who too needed something to numb the pain
we were all about to experience. At my friend¹s we turned on the TV and he
chose MSNBC. At first I didn¹t notice. I was so engrossed in the actual
debate ­ but then it happened. I looked for the audience monitor. I looked
to see how those undecided voters in Ohio were responding and to my shock
there was nothing there ­ except the MSNBC logo.

I politely asked if we could change the channel….when I saw the little
line resembling an EKG for the public¹s mental health ­ my own heartbeat
fell back down to normal. And the room became converted to my CNN
multitasking way of living. I remember when the ticker first went up ­ Jon
Stewart did a piece on his show where he covered up almost the entire
screen, mocking CNNs need to show multiple information bits.

Flash forward to now ­ there is the ticker, there is the heartbeat, let¹s
not forget that at cnn/com you can blog live while the show is happening
(how much do I love hearing larry king shout about blogging and using the
word interactive ten times an hour!)

There is streaming video, there are the alternate views of what¹s going on
just in case you get bored with the way the producer is showing you the
event. It is fascinating. CNN wants me to watch, type, listen, read,
think, surf, respond ­ all in real time.

Why? I¹m not sure….but I¹m wondering if its working for them…it has to
be better than the MSNBC battles between anchors. Although I¹m glad Ali is
now a CNN team member. Now if ony they could snag Rachel Maddow….