October Mantra

when i used to work in music distribution we always used to be looking at “trends” – trying to figure out clever ways to spur sales of course….my favorite tidbit was that there was always a surge of sales for pink floyd’s dark side of the moon every june. try as anyone might nobody could figure that one out…..but october. october was always bad. and there was always a desire to come up with some power idea to spur sales in october. everyone knew it wasn’t a good month to release a record, first week sales were always lower than other times of the year….why we would ask….  what’s wrong with october?

i always thought it was semi-obvious. people hunker down in october.  they’ve just spent a ton of money on back to school shopping, or a ton of money on that summer vacation for the family – or in general on the fall fashion “needs” of those who live in a 4 seasons climate.  In october you already start thinking about holidays – (and if you live in chelsea the coffee guy at the corner of 17th&7th pushes this further as he hands you your coffee in a happy holidays branded cup on october 4th!!!) so you start to save a bit, the catalogs start arriving (i personally received 6 christmas catalogs this past weekend)

so october is time to save – to build up that christmas/hannukah/non denominational gift giving budget — only now – it’s been october for almost 2 months it would seem.  and people need to save up for that heating oil or gasoline rather than gift giving…so it would seem to me that even though there was teh bailout — its ill timed.  its not the time of year that people spend in general….and last night they mentioned how there is always the october factor in some of our worst financial crises (black friday)  and of course we are in an election year – so there is that  historical “october surprise” factor as well….

So – October.  The leaves fall…..as do other things….but i say…keep calm…carry on…..this sign was all over London during WW2 – i think it might be time for some sniping of it all over new york!!!!