What’s Old Is New Again – Again

i’m having one of those moments where despite all the growth and technology and forward movement there are all these catch-phrases and keywords and scenarios that are really just “repeats” from various points in history. It felt overwhelming enough to comment on today. Do some people who worked for Wamu of Lehman feel this way? Are they home with their kids watching hearings?

Financial Hearings: I recall my first financial hearing memory as being 4 years old and watergate (which i can aptly name now but not then) was on our TV all day long. And it made my mother mad because the banks were closed and we couldn’t go buy groceries because she couldn’t get cash out.

Live Ads/Product Placement: The Jimmy Kimmel shows live ads, the bertoli woman hosting the “what’s cooking”inside scoop between shows on cbs,  the branded entertainment dilemma, the government trying to restrict and regulate product placement, that tv is tricking the consumer.  Can you say: mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom? Can you say Quiz Show? Can you say Jack Benny?  (not that Jimmy is Jack Benny – but…wellllll)

Fashion: I’m sorry but no matter what anyone says about the election night fashion snafu – Michelle Obama’s style is so normally Jackie O – it’s like I’m watching film footage that’s just been colored in! Images are burned into our collective memory of Camelot and while digging deeper into the details it may not BE Camelot – but hell – from a fashion perspective it certainly looks like it!  The non-michelle factor: jumpsuits. i just don’t believe they can come back again.  Unless its in the spirit of Rosie the Riveter vs the 70s…and i hope they don’t!

Pirates. Pirates????  Really? As in like 1800? This is fascinating to me. I dug into it a little bit and did you know that apparently NATO can’t decide how to deal with the pirates as they aren’t sure they can bring them into military court without violating international law.  That the Royal Navy can’t capture them and hold them because there is a possibility that they could be violating the human rights – of the pirates! That there are over 200 people right now being held captive on various ships by Pirates and have been for over a year.  Would we let someone hold an airplane full of people hostage for this long? Pirates.  I’m just fascinated by this.  I wish the Pirates had cameras with them so they could film themselves taking over the ships…I just want to see what modern day pirate attack looks like? Is that morose? Grim?  If so my apologies but sometimes my curiosoty gets the better of me.

Depression, Hunkering Down: I remember my aunt telling me what it was like during the depression. that they cooked at home all the time, that everyone gathered and chipped in what they had.  that they would play games alot, cards….it almost made it sound romantic.  I do wonder how technology affects that part of this change.  People aren’t going out, aren’t spending money – will it somehow create more “family ties”? Or will everyone be sitting together on their individual laptops and devices and while everyone is together – that $40 a month spend to keep them connected to the outside…it will prevent the human connectedness part of people entertaining themselves with each other. Or maybe not.  But I am curious.  As always….curious.