i want to be an old woman

michelle shocked wrote one of my favorite songs – well a favorite when i was in my early 20s called “when i grow up” – on it she croons “when i grow up I want to be an old woman” – and this always struck me as – hopeful.  (except for 120 babies line)

i just spent my saturday morning coffee trolling about a new blog and its various links that focuses on “elder fashion”.  it’s called advanced style by ari cohen. i loved it.  as i read about his inspiration and persused a couple of links i was quite surprised by how happy it made me to hear and see people embracing their age.

a few other things i read this week that have brought this idea together…harvard is starting a “third age” program to educate people who want to create a social change as their post career project, a woman in britain is giving birth to the first baby screened to be breast cancer free before birth, a friend saw tina turner perform recently for 3 hours – she is 70. 70! the other topic has been all the brooha onver malcolm gladwell’s outliers and the idea of “late bloomers” versus prodigy etc…one critic said he essentially removes the hope that you should always have – that if you read the book and you haven’t done it by 30 you may as well pack it in…i liked that people were defending wisdom; experience and late blooming against mr gladwell’s opinion.

i started to think that we may be heading into a moment when being “old” is cool and perhaps a even the word could lose some of its negativity…that would be nice. perhaps its because i’ve spent years chasing down the latest and greatest that the youth market will respond to; perhaps its because i often find myself in a roomful of 20 somethings listening to a new band; but there has just been a stigma to growing old – and i never felt it. I was always singing michelle shocked in my head and everyone else seemed to be trying to hold on to their 20s for dear life; even in their 50s.

i think that the song’s time may be here. and not in the bad way that those “Just For Men” hide your gray commercials do it. I’m embarrassed for that guy – with his girlfriend of 50 in a sequin mini skirt, and their keg cups on the beach – should they be drinking fine wine out there in malibu? shouldn’t she have on a nice white linen dress?  what happened to grace and dignity?  i started to think about this a while back when i read robert bly’s “sibling society” – where he basically reamed the boomers for not being “parental”. (i never had a curfew…ever)

the new york times article that led me to the blog mentioned that there was a rash of over 50 models in the spring fashion shows in Paris. this is fantastic. remember when it used to only be the woman in the banana republic ads? she was literally the only gray haired woman in the fashion mags – and she is beautiful. but it would seem that there are so many more – thank god! no wonder my grandparents seemed older than their years – they had no role models or advertising giving them the aspiration to be something else other than “old”.

sigrid rothe – banana republic fame (photo by nina subin)

there is absolutely nothing about  the”anti-aging” movement that i find “anti-old”; if anything there is something graceful and healthy about “anti-aging” – it is very different than “forever young”. it is why i want cate blanchetts skin secrets.

i just hope we haven’t ruined this great path we were on….it was starting to feel nice to have something to look forward to; someone to grow up to be – a peace corps worker, a volunteer in africa, a teacher, and environmental leader – anything other than sitting in the corner….while all the youngins have fun.

every census article will tell you that this is the demographic that is growing and will take over soon; yet here in the US we are still the “youngest” country; (although much of that is due to immigration and low rates of infant mortality).  i was looking forward to there being a “cool” elderly population and I hope that still continues; that the economy hasn’t wiped out too much of their ability to bring us into a dignified age (or that bernie madoff hasn’t)  it was almost going to be a return to the early part of the century; travel, chairity; leisure, arts – the ability to focus on the culture and not just the work.  our entire country would have benefitted from this highly educated and wealthy older demographic’s ability to be out in the world with energy love and respect.

it might not just be the money we lost; but some late in life heroes….some late bloomers.


one of the things that drew me to interactive/digital was information. databases. it started with the idea that i always knew in my GUT who i wanted to market a certain product to – but the internet – it just helped me find more of them, more about them, gave me info on people i hadn’t thought of targeting, info on how to target them better….anyone who knows me knows that i’m a fact junkie. and that i love musing and wondering about the why and how of it all….i love to “glean”. the data — to know what people are like minded about what things…what connects us all…shivers in my brain 🙂

so today is an exciting day as it is the day that google publishes the year end “zeitgeist”

which is googlegod’s report on the global search terms of the year.  yep – i’m actually fascinated by it – in fact LOVE zeitgeist. love. (as an aside i also enjoy hanging out for a few minutes every so often at metaspy – where i just saw as i clicked for the hyperlink that there are a lot of people searching for flowers and why would any florist not be investing in local online advertising or SEO…but i digress.)

zeitgeist – where we can now officially say that sarah palin is the biggest – wel most searched – star in the world.

read it and weep kids.

zeitgest for the world….

It baffles:

Chuck Norris fastest rising in South Africa? (apparently from a fantasy poll that had him beating obama.)

It confirms:

Google does rule the world (orkust, google, youtube always ranking most popular)

It begs the question:

why do they translate the arabic searches into english but not the thai, russian, korean or chinese?

It educates:

india’s 6th central pay commission website is highest rising #9 which leads me to believe that ALOT of people in India went on “the dole” this year.

It fascinates:

#6 in france? pages jaune (yellow pages) why???

the dutch love miley

and the most fascinating is alexander graham bell rising fast in hong kong.  there is no explanation from google…and with a little of my own googling i can only surmise it had something to do with some iphone coverage and the youth of hong kong do not know that mr bell invented the phone.  but i could be wrong…perhaps someone else knows? please correct or confirm my assumption!

It confirms:

here is the US?  this vampire thing aint goin away anytime soon.  despite the fact that i canNOT just get into True Blood!

inconspicuous consumption

an article in the ny times discusses bulgari, luxury and the economy.  there is something about a brand that can scream security or luxury. many brands over the past few years have moved from their tried and true status into expansion lines  that somehow tried to grow, and in some cases diminish, their original brand value

speak to the common man who has a credit card at his disposal. worry not if he really represents your brand; take advantage of his aspirational credit line. and if he starts buying? make your original customer feel safe…take a climb up the ladder away from the common man. make them feel special.  how luxurious is burberry when we now have the prorsum line? coach used to be a “preppy” brand and it now speaks to a “hip” factor that one never would have thought.and the consumer they have courted will be the first to stop shopping; or be cut off from shopping. such is the result of tapping the trendy and of the moment.  certain brands have gone the other way – how is it that jcrew; one of the tried and trusted brands of the westport fantasy – jcrew is charging $2,000 for a coat? why did j crew feel the need to sell up? and is it selling OUT the brand? jcrew will always have a market; but i do wonder how many of those italian shearlings are selling.

if your brand is luxurious – shouldn’t you always be luxurious and be able to withstand a bump? rise to the very definition of luxury?  a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity

if your brand is tried and true and trusted – like a burberry – do you really need the prorsum line? only if you’ve courted the “wrong” consumer to your original brand and offended them.

somewhere along the line people thought that EVERYBODY should be buying luxury brands. and it’s just not true.

i think that many luxury brands have gotten greedy and brought their own standards down. and i think that many tried and true brands have stuck their ground. remained true to their integrity.

The LL Bean holiday commercials (using the music of one of my old favorites Fountains of Wayne) are making me feel like the most luxurious and safe gift i could want this christmas is a pair of shearling slippers. Comfy cozy that i can wear in front of a fireplace, with a dog at my feet, ensconced in my home safe from the literal and figurative cold.

bulgari. time to go back to your roots. luxury was never meant to be for all.

Minority Report gets a little bit closer to reality

Minority Report is one of my favorite films.  Not because of Tom Cruise – but because of the environment, the ideas that make up the story – they fascinate me. And as a junkie of the genre, Minority Report might be moving ahead of Blade Runner in its predictive abilities on my personal “movie the world is becoming like” chart. Looks like everyone will be learning a new kind of sign language….

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo..