Free Drugs


Last night I saw a spot for Free Drugs.  Yep. Free Drugs.

From Stop & Shop.


I gotta say. I’m impressed with this. I’m impressed with what they are trying to do with the brand. I use the word “trying” for a reason which will come later.

I grew up in Hamden CT, and despite it being one of Connecticut’s largest towns in land size – we were a one horse town. Well – 2 horses – just from the same family. It was Stop & Shop at the Plaza or Stop & Shop on Dixwell.  After I had gone to college Stop & Shop got some competition from Shaws.  But it’s sort of odd. Nobody that I know has turned into a Shaws shopper. I wonder who does go there and can only imagine it is transplants who live in the area for its many universities…but Hamden people – they’re Stop & Shoppers. After years in LA I’ve become a Trader Joe’s Gelsons Whole Foods girl….and in NY I’m a Farmer’s market Westside Market girl. But when I am in CT – I’m still an S&Ser.

So S&S – has been doing this whole wellness campaign, the organic commercials competing against “whole paycheck” – i think its been seeping in – because when I went home at Christmas – I went to S&S – and let me tell you.  That’s a damn good fluff campaign because here is what I discovered.

There isn’t a single organic meat or chicken item available in S&S. There is no farm raised, antibiotic free anything.  Nope. Nada. There wasn’t any fish that was fresh, not a one. Everything previously frozen. I was a bit surprised…considering all the effort placed on the campaigns about S&S offering affordable healthy food. I actually ended up walking out with some italian sweet sausage that is made by a little family run co in New Haven – was surprised to see THAT there – and thought “how can they customize the inventory to local consumer tastes but not have anything that supports their entire advertising initiative?”

So – I feel like the campaigns working….but perhaps the inventory isn’t?  it made me wonder if when i got to the free antibiotics I would learn that MY antibiotic wouldn’t be on the free list – that it’s only for one illness…or for kids.

I felt a little tricked by S&S. Not good.

But Free Drugs.  Now THAT’S a hook!

2009 – It’s finally here

Happy New Year.

It has been a rollercoaster ride for sure in 2008. But Change Is Good!

I’m looking forward to seeing how creative we all get in the upcoming year.  There are many pundits out there who talk about desperate times as periods of innovation; i like to think that this next year will bring POSITIVE risktaking to our world. It will be interesting —

As always the eternal optimist.

I thought this list from Business Week was rooted in sanity… I’m sharing.

Top Ten Business Predictions for 2009.