Free Drugs


Last night I saw a spot for Free Drugs.  Yep. Free Drugs.

From Stop & Shop.


I gotta say. I’m impressed with this. I’m impressed with what they are trying to do with the brand. I use the word “trying” for a reason which will come later.

I grew up in Hamden CT, and despite it being one of Connecticut’s largest towns in land size – we were a one horse town. Well – 2 horses – just from the same family. It was Stop & Shop at the Plaza or Stop & Shop on Dixwell.  After I had gone to college Stop & Shop got some competition from Shaws.  But it’s sort of odd. Nobody that I know has turned into a Shaws shopper. I wonder who does go there and can only imagine it is transplants who live in the area for its many universities…but Hamden people – they’re Stop & Shoppers. After years in LA I’ve become a Trader Joe’s Gelsons Whole Foods girl….and in NY I’m a Farmer’s market Westside Market girl. But when I am in CT – I’m still an S&Ser.

So S&S – has been doing this whole wellness campaign, the organic commercials competing against “whole paycheck” – i think its been seeping in – because when I went home at Christmas – I went to S&S – and let me tell you.  That’s a damn good fluff campaign because here is what I discovered.

There isn’t a single organic meat or chicken item available in S&S. There is no farm raised, antibiotic free anything.  Nope. Nada. There wasn’t any fish that was fresh, not a one. Everything previously frozen. I was a bit surprised…considering all the effort placed on the campaigns about S&S offering affordable healthy food. I actually ended up walking out with some italian sweet sausage that is made by a little family run co in New Haven – was surprised to see THAT there – and thought “how can they customize the inventory to local consumer tastes but not have anything that supports their entire advertising initiative?”

So – I feel like the campaigns working….but perhaps the inventory isn’t?  it made me wonder if when i got to the free antibiotics I would learn that MY antibiotic wouldn’t be on the free list – that it’s only for one illness…or for kids.

I felt a little tricked by S&S. Not good.

But Free Drugs.  Now THAT’S a hook!


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