I’ve been enjoying the coverage this past week about New York FINALLY “feeling it”.  It’s fascinating to me.  Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal, another Journal Blog, the Wealth Report – and the NYTimes article about how Obama’s 500k salary limit will just bring down the house – or perhaps the houseS in the Hamptons and on the Upper East Side.

I was perusing the Journal blog on Luxury making a return. In December I had read the article about Luxury falling and made a few comments about certain brands losing their way…well from todays Journal blog that would not seem to be the case.

But deeeep in the comments of the wealth report blog was a fabulously perfectly obnoxiously funny half tongue in cheek quote from an uber luxurist (i can only assume) or perhaps just a funny guy.

What we need are “horn tones” for the Bentley–something that toots out “get the hell out of my way you TARP peasant”.

Comment by Zippy in Annapolis – February 14, 2009 at 10:36 am

LOVE THIS!  Love love love.  Then it all clicked…we are entering this bizarro world where the “Rich” – they are now ON THE DOLE.  With a name like Erin my brain is filled with many an Irish turn of phrase; put into the recesses by my grandmother (of the O’Briens and Sullivans) and her 8 sisters.

In my family being on the Dole had turned into an insult – i’m sure it was the fact that they grew up in the depression, and had brought the phrase to their experience from their immigrant parents – the Dole’s history being of Irish and English origin.

But in my house it became the absolute end of the line…”what are you going to go on the dole?” “he may as well be on the dole”. Ask for money for a movie? “what are you – on the dole?”  I was small, it was overheard but definitely not a good phrase.

Later on in life when I lived in London I learned more about the history of the Dole…and how many folks WERE on the dole (and why this was a standard turn of phrase in my grandmother’s vocabulary)  The Dole was something one avoided to keep one’s dignity as far as my grandmother and her family were concerned. Even if they were living out their teens 10 people to a duplex in New Haven.

So I’m starting to imagine some new turn of phrase that allows the “rich” to speak in their own way – that allows them to comiserate, to EXPLAIN…..

“well you know – since we went on the TARP – things are tough” – the comment one makes when serving $100 bottle of bordeaux rather than a 300.00

“since so many of my clients went on the TARP, we’ve had a huge reduction in appointments” – dr botox

That there will be numerous conversations with headmasters; “Well we went on the TARP and we just can’t afford to donate to the school this year, we can barely make tuition”.

“We are going to Montauk this year – you know – being on the TARP makes the Hamptons unaffordable for us…”

On The TARP.

The Dole for the Rich.

How fabulous darling.

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