What I Learned (or didn’t) on My Summer Vacation

I just spent the summer moving from New York City back to Los Angeles. I’ll count the time off from “blogging” as my summer vacation. And perhaps this is my official “what did you do on your summer vacation?” essay. It is September after all.

All I can say is moving is hard. No matter how many times you have done it; and if you are me that is quite a few, it gets harder and harder every time. We accumulate too much “stuff” don’t we?  And this sentiment exists strongly despite the fact that I have gone completely digital where I can.  I still have mounds and mounds of paperwork that I need to SHRED. And this has made me wonder why I still receive so much paper!

With that said I have some questions that I have come up with as I have gone through unpacking and shredding.

1. If we can file our tax returns electronically why can we not have electronic copies from the accounting world rather than the 6″ stack of papers that I receive back every year “for my files”.

2. Why can’t i get my electric/water bill electronically?

3. If I can get paperless statements from the bank, and they can store my statements back 7 years, why can I not download my statements into an excel spreadsheet further back than 45 days?

4. Why isn’t there a place where i can take all my paper to and shred it in massive amounts – like a shred-o-mat? If I have this much paper others must have way more.

5. Why doesn’t the change of address at the post office really change your address for all your bills? Why do I still have to actually call every company and change it?

Those are just a few of the things I’ve been wondering about as I transfer my life back to Los Angeles.

On another note…a green note…please take a moment to check out 1bog.org a great organization that can point you in the direction of going with solar power without alot of cost. They work with the local power companies to get you set up and reduce your electric bill by half.

More frequent blogging to resume in this new academic year. 🙂

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