I’m With Coco

conan o'brien

It’s been pretty amazing watching this whole NBC fiasco. Really. The incredible amount of bad decision making, poor handling – the MONEY – it’s pretty incredible that nobody is screaming about Conan’s golden parachute. 45 million dollars….go Coco!

But what is absolutely brilliant is how Conan uses MUSIC and LICENSING FEES as a way to put the digs to NBC….absolutely genius.

From Mashable:

NBC has gone on the offensive and pulled the web clips of Conan O’Brien’s vengeful “Bugatti Veyron” sketch from Hulu and NBC.com. The move was made to avoid costly fees associated with Conan’s decision to play “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, for his own satisfaction.The controversial $1.5 million comedy sketch begins with COCO taking pleasure in the fact that even though his show is about to go off air, “we can do whatever we want, and they [NBC] have to pay for it.”

Read More and watch the clip

Experiment Results: 2 Weeks Sans Facebook

online suicide

I recently conducted my own small behavioral science experiment. I quit Facebook. Now I’m not just talking about not visiting – I’m talking deletion.  Not as far as committing “online suicide” via the folks at SuicideMachine.org – but i did just erase myself. There were a number of reasons. But mostly I wanted to see what would happen.

The Results List:

10 emails from people telling me they went to find me on FB and then asking me “where i went”?

5 emails from friends asking me “are you okay?”

i missed 4 birthdays of people very close to me – meaning I was a day late remembering – that’s missed.

I didn’t get to see my friend’s vacation photos while he was traveling over the holidays.

Both of my brothers picked up the phone and CALLED ME. TWICE.

I spent 3 hours at a time on the phone with a few different friends catching up.

I finished 2 books.

I cleaned the house, got more laundry done and in general made more progress “around the house”.

I was aware of less news – not that I missed Haiti or anything – but i didn’t know about it IMMEDIATELY. Despite having NY Times alert on my iphone.

I missed all the esoteric links that a few friends post regularly – the “fun links” that are the bizarre and interesting articles that suck you in to websites you haven’t heard of.

I looked at my email less often purely because I was looking at the Iphone less often due to not facebooking continuously.

This said – I paid more attention to my surroundings but was frustrated by the thought of not being able to share them. I missed being able to post photos to communicate what i was seeing.

I noticed that my brain now “thinks” in “status updates” language – stop  sort of like I constantly have a western union telegram in my head – stop.

I missed SCRABBLE! BUT – I will tell you this – my dog plays scrabble online. With MY scrabble friends – how dare he. (this was the absolute one thing i couldn’t give up!)

I went on AIM more – but i felt like i was cheating whenever i logged on.

I blogged on my own website!

I’m still a bit skeptical of foursquare.  Online USED to be a mystery to people…there was something interesting about being a part of the “small community” that got it….now that it’s big and EVERYONE “gets it”….I’m not so sure.

Maybe I have more in common with my 12 year old niece than I think – she doesn’t want me to see everything on her profile and I’m not allowed to make comments. Aunt Erin is just not “cool enough” i guess!

I’m back but i do think i’ll be limiting my time. Not sure if I will reinstall the facebook app for iphone just yet….

i actually wish i could by a ford

these moves by ford make me want to own an american car for the first time ever. and in a lower end car to boot – ford knows who this market is made up of for sure. impressive.


  • Ford SYNC® application programming interface (API) allows SYNC to harness the power of smartphone mobile operating systems to access and control apps in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
  • Orangatame’s OpenBeak (formerly TwitterBerry), Pandora Internet music service and Stitcher “smart radio” apps are the first SYNC-enabled mobile applications to use the new SYNC open API
  • SYNC-enabled applications were created by partners in as little as three days using SYNC software development kits, marking a new era where apps can be delivered in weeks, rather than months or years
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2010 – Ford Motor Company today announced Pandora, Stitcher and Orangatame’s OpenBeak (formerly TwitterBerry) are the first partners to enable their apps to be controlled in the car by SYNC using the new application programming interface (API) in the SYNC software development kit.

Go Buy “Entroducing” in any format you choose. Just buy it.

This man deserves a lift in sales, an award, a hug and some thanks from his fellow artists. “Entroducing” is one of the most important records of the genre. And the man who usually stands silent while making music is making ALOT of noise AND sense in his recent post….and that’s a good thing.

From DJ Shadow’s website…..

” Specifically, when it comes to the wallet, everyone’s suffering…of that there can be no doubt. And what of the financial prospects for musicians and recording artists in the years to come? Shaky, at best. Unless you’re one of the grotesque ‘Idol’-type pop disasters in the top 5, you’re looking at getting a day job or finding other sources of income. Conventional wisdom amongst my peers has been remarkably short-sided over the last decade: “Yeah, CD sales are down, but all the money is in licensing.” Not anymore. “Yeah, licensing money is down, but the video game industry is killing it.” Less so these days, according to recent data. “Well, the real money is in touring.” Really? When was the last time you saw a ‘new,’ post-record company artist headline a major music festival? At this rate, we’ll be stuck with Coldplay for decades (no offense intended)…..read the whole post here….