I’m With Coco

conan o'brien

It’s been pretty amazing watching this whole NBC fiasco. Really. The incredible amount of bad decision making, poor handling – the MONEY – it’s pretty incredible that nobody is screaming about Conan’s golden parachute. 45 million dollars….go Coco!

But what is absolutely brilliant is how Conan uses MUSIC and LICENSING FEES as a way to put the digs to NBC….absolutely genius.

From Mashable:

NBC has gone on the offensive and pulled the web clips of Conan O’Brien’s vengeful “Bugatti Veyron” sketch from Hulu and NBC.com. The move was made to avoid costly fees associated with Conan’s decision to play “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, for his own satisfaction.The controversial $1.5 million comedy sketch begins with COCO taking pleasure in the fact that even though his show is about to go off air, “we can do whatever we want, and they [NBC] have to pay for it.”

Read More and watch the clip

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