Modern Job Titles

modern job titles

There is always an interesting shift in job titles that happens with every new technology. I’ve been told that my music peers decided at a recent conference that I was the first person to hold the title of VP New Media within the major label community – (1998). The past few days while doing some strategy on resources needed for a growing company i’ve had quite a few aha moments in terms of job titles/descriptions. I thought I’d share –

Sync Soothsayer

understands the syncing of all handheld devices with all gmail, apple mail, outlook and entourage as well as various email providers. understands the syncing of all itunes devices and multiple libraries and data recovery.

Professional Listener

Eavesdropper. Never tweets only watches, searches, analyzes data, tells you what people are saying (this exists but it isn’t called this….quite often it is the dry “analyst” word)


Your producer role for streaming events. But specifically a producer that understands live streaming, and monitor displays and lighting etc…


Someone who works closely with the Sync Expert in order to identify the best apps for the team to use to improve workflow (evernote? smartr? dropbox? basecamp?) and create some unification across a team for sharing data and information.

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