Why I Love United Airlines (no i’m not tripping.)

Dear Delta

I flew your airline this past Friday from NYC to LAX.  It was the worst travel experience I have had in years. Now I know that may sound harsh. But truly. The worst. From the woman on the phone booking the wrong day to the broken bathrooms on the plane and the ONE WORKING BODY SCANNER for an entire terminal of domestic and international travelers. Wow Delta. Third world airlines are more up to snuff than you are.

But as always – absence makes the heart grow fonder. In the past 8 years I have really become a United girl. At one point I was even 1K for 3 straight years. United? Their planes from LAX to JFK? awesome. they have this class of service called P.S. – they realize that the people on that route are probably not just your average vacationers. They aren’t filling those planes with people on their way back or to the further reaches of the world. It is the most civilized route in the industry.  The big spacious business class, the better food, the personal dvd players. It almost rivals what we see on the new sshow “Pan Am”! (Ok not quite but — I’m just saying – way better than your tattered and torn planes that barely look like they have been cleaned once this month let alone between flights).

And your staff. Maybe watching Pan Am is spoiling it for me…but your staff – well. It would be nice if after paying an exhorbitant amount for an airline ticket the flight attendant didn’t act like she was working behind the counter at Burger King. I don’t know…just sayin. Wisecracking with the extra sparkly eyeshadow and the attitude that she is being bothered by those of us in need of water? Not really pleasant.

I wish I still had my uber important status on United. I do….I can only imagine that the Delta Club is like entering a grimy seedy bar where the United club is like a fine spirits house. Delta = Dewars and United = 30 year Peat limited edition.

But mostly I just felt like i was in another country, on another planet – you don’t really think about what the small things are that an airline does to instill loyalty other than giving you the free tickets for less miles.

Everyone should take some hints from United’s P.S. service. Hell – I’d trust them to start setting me up on “blind seat dates” in P.S. service.  If he’s flying United P.S. I already know he has standards!

So Delta. Get it together. You are one of the last ones standing and the people at Air France must be horrified that they are aligned with you and your lack of…..style. service. substance.

I hope United and Air France join up and they open P.S. service to Paris. Now that would be some good airline food.