stop, hey, what’s that sound? everybody look what’s goin’ down.

Occupy Wall Street

WHAT the hell is going on?  There is all this news coverage happening on a very sensational level and a very “objective” level..reporting. But what about context? What about history? I was talking with a friend yesterday about how we both just feel like something is about to “pop”.  There is SO much tension.  It reminded me of a feeling I had after watching the Baader Meinhoff Complex. This was the generation that fought against their parents generation of “fascism”….

are we watching the same sort of thing with this generation and their parents (AND some grandparents) having come through the lens of the 60’s and 70’s? In the film this faction attacks capitalism, starts attacking insitutions with bombs. (When the film came to the US there was a whole other layer of controvery. Hitchens commented best here.)  The protests happening here in LA around the rising tuitions just layers on a “Kent State” vibe to the whole thing.

This article in Wired Magazine yesterday also shone a light on the organized aspects of “Secret HQ of OWS”. It also made me feel there are absolutely some kind of parallels to be drawn here. I wasn’t born when alot of it started, but I can tell you that having a parent who was “a hippie”, hung out in the village smoking cigarettes listening to Bob Dylan, a female parent that taught me everything about protest and civil rights and always encouraged participation (marched a picket line at age 11 to protest my school closures – not enough kids thanks to birth control of course)…having that parent has shaped my political participation.

Having that parent ALSO meant that my baby book was filled with historical ephemera. King getting shot, kennedy, the moon landing.

I’m not sure this is being taken as seriously as it should be….I know there is no clear ask as there was with getting out of vietnam. But i have to think that if Geitner and the Justice Dept could pull a J Edgar Hoover and start dragging “criminals” off to jail….banking people seem to be the target. Even just a few…that it would do something to quell a little bit of the tension.  Just a little….but it would be something.