thank you

thank you

some personal, yet anonymous, thank you’s –

there’s alot to be grateful for this year.

thank you…..

for opening up my eyes to new possibilities

for allowing me to benefit from your knowledge and technology that will change the world

for helping out when i needed it most

for letting me vent

for forgiving my venting

for expressing fear

for expressing joy

for being a good friend, colleague and family member

for showing me that taking care of myself as i age is important

for inspiring me

for your gifts

for your smile

for your wisdom

for your confidence and encouragement

for helping me take care of the dogs when i can’t be here

for holding my hand when i was afraid

for your hugs

for the flowers

for the garden

for the wonderful meal around your table

for checking in

for allowing me the chance to impact millions of people with your positive messages

for visiting

for a place to rest my head

for making me laugh so hard my drink went up my nose AND into my eyes

for wonderful people in my life

for taking care of my friends and family and being a part of their villages

for the wisdom to be able to know while i am certainly not the 1% being talked about in the news these days, i think i am in the 1% that are  the luckiest in the world to be surrounded by the people i interact with everyday whether it be in person or across a myriad of communications devices.

happy thanksgiving.