Pinterest + Video = Higher Search Engine Rankings

pinterest for search ranking
So often SEO seems like this big “secret sauce”. The guy that knows SEO is the like Daniel Bouloud of online marketing. He has the time and temperament to lock himself in the room and play with tiny bits of information – like a gamer really. Which is why it always shocks me that so many folks think that its all SEO. There needs to be content to search – to click through to…to track. SEO is the last piece of the puzzle not the first.

Here is some great info and a few of the early puzzle pieces to think about!

Pinterest + Video = Higher SEO Rankings

Is your marketing department ignoring Pinterest in hopes that it will be just another fad? Did you know that Pinterest is retaining and engaging users as much as two to three times more efficiently than Twitter was at a similar time in its history? Not only is it the fastest growing social media site today, but it is a great value for online video marketing because of its video SEO value.

Pinterest’s traffic is growing exponentially.
ComScore’s statistics for February 2012 revealed that Pinterest may not be just one of those “other social media sites.” Unique visitors increased over 50% from the previous month to 17.8 million. Relevant, keyword-rich URLs are important to increasing your SEO rankings, and as of this writing, is reporting that Pinterest URLs show up in over 46 million Google search results, including over 1,170 indexed online video URLs.

The way Pinterest works is that each ‘pin,’ ‘board,’ and user profile receives a unique URL.  So each ‘board’ — or category of videos — you create can be titled and tagged with targeted keywords, which Pinterest uses to create a keyword-rich URL. This means that each and every ‘board’ will include your targeted keywords and be indexed by Google so searchers can easily find your video content. The technical explanation is that Pinterest’s file structure is created specifically for managing and categorizing video content so that Google will index the titles and descriptions for your individual boards as key metadata for its own search results.

Pinterest increases Video SEO rankings.
Pinterest knows that online video content is important to consumers because it helps them make informed decisions and is a the most valued type of online content.  And because consumers love online video content, brands are responding. Major national retailers and e-commerce sites such as the The Home Depot, Whole Foods, The Gap, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Target are just a few of the 200,000+ brands that currently use Pinterest to publish online content that includes video, images, and descriptions.

Getting started with Pinterest.
Pinterest is pretty easy to get started with. First, create separate boards for product and/or service categories you want to target consumers with. Even if you only have a small grouping, try to be as granular as possible and use long-tail keywords to help your SEO strategy. Next, use as much of the allowed 500 character-length description area as you can. Include your company’s brand name, the name of the product or services, and as many keywords and as much descriptive information as possible.

Include more than your online video marketing content.
Even if you are new to Pinterest, you will quickly see that the site is very visual. So think about other visuals your company may already have, such as graphs, charts, website images, front pages of brochures, eBooks, and pictures from your facility or company events. Tagged with appropriate keywords, all of this content could then be found on search engines and drive traffic to your website. If you really want to get detailed, you can create dedicated landing pages for each of your Pinterest boards. This way you can track and analyze the traffic you get to each category and be able to better plan your marketing resources.

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