I had a friend refer to me as Georgette after we got to know each other a bit. I always wonder aloud. Made her crazy – “Who the hell thinks of these things except you?! How does your brain even come up with these questions?”

I had another colleague/friend once call me “nosy”, as I was trying to understand her plan for restructuring her team.  Most people just don’t love it when you ask questions. “Who wants to know?!”

I “posit” a lot. Sure I’m looking for an answer but I’m more likely looking for information. Tidbits. A dialogue. A debate. A brainstorming session. I may not know what the end question will be….all I know is that at that moment I have that question. My favorite people are the ones that play along. “So what do you think it would be like if….”

I actually started to ask the electrician how he was going to wire a light into my front yard where the was no plug – had to stop myself. “Do. Not. Need To. Know. Just let him get it done!” said the  other half of my brain to Georgette.

I do like to understand how things work. It helps me create analogies and eventually explain other things. Doesn’t matter what industry or role you have in an organization – seeing patterns and problem solving – those are the skills you want. The ones you need.

Thanks Mr. Einstein for yet another Mantra I often repeat to myself. Here’s hoping my 11 year old niece learns it soon and stops posting “Bored!” as her facebook Status.


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