IT vs Digital

Oddly enough this question has come up a lot for me lately. Not sure why…but 4x in 3 weeks counts as a trend I need to google. There is not a ton out there that describes this as succinctly as I see it in my head but this blog really captures is short and sweet. …

IT = Internal Systems to serve employees and security

Digital = External systems to serve marketing and consumers

Great read.


“So what’s the difference between IT and Digital?”

That’s a heck of a googly to receive at the end of a 90 minutes workshop. (For American readers, a googly in cricket is what a curveball is in baseball, but we Brits don’t play baseball. We play rounders. When we are seven.) Anyway, an interesting question, and another good example of how the best way to learn something is try and explain it to something else; here’s roughly what I said…

IT (information technology) is what has built up over many years within organisations to describe the technology and management required to deliver computer systems to support the internal operations of a business or organisation. Commonly the IT department ran everything (or managed the contracts with third parties who delivered part or all of the service).

Digital is one of those words that is essentially meaningless, but has evolved over the…

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