About Me

I’ve been working in digital media for over 20 years. I’ve built departments, advised start-ups, worked with global brands and inside global organizations. I love technology  and how it impacts consumers, culture, and companies. I sometimes describe myself as a digital anthropologist – always looking at how innovation affects and changes the way we live, teach and do business. My strengths are in digital communications, digital advertising, mobile, strategy, innovation, user experience, design, operations and the space where you find the merge of tech and entertainment and brands.

I’ve been waiting to see that advertisement tailored just to me for a really long time, (so i’m not creeped out by a pair of shoes following me around the web!) waiting for FACETIME since I took the escalator up to Space Mountain and passed by the RCA future home installation and STILL waiting for the day I don’t have to remember all my passwords. (Retinal Scans on the laptop anyone?)

If you have a new platform, app, media, or technology – I’m that person who actually enjoys seeing what’s new, i am forever curious. You might be changing my world soon and I’d love to know about it. Send me a tweet @erinyasgar.


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