how about water instead of pepsi?

i love this idea. and when i think how it could do good in the world “i’d like to buy the world a dasani and keep it company” oops. wrong drink – wrong brand….but you get the point.

seriously. i have been working alot lately on the idea of “social media for social change”. this is a far cry from using social media to sell hip hop records and rock and roll but it is so unbelievably fulfilling – and i see this and think wow – Jaimie Oliver needs to drop one off at every school filled with WATER.

did you know that many schools do not have DRINKING WATER? it’s true. And then let’s take it larger to underserved nations. Imagine if you could randomly donate a bottle of water to an inner city school kid who only has a choice of soda or sugared fruit punch at school? Imagine if you could drop this machine in the middle of an area recently struck by natural disaster and allow people to donate bottles of water to survivors.

The concept right now is harnessed around pepsi – but truly it could be anything inside that vending machine – food, water, medical supplies – really anything.  How awesome is that?

Pepsi’s social vending lets users buy drinks for friends remotely

It was not long ago that we wrote about frinXX, the German service that enabled users to buy drinks for friends remotely via Facebook. Now, in a similar vein, Pepsi’s new “Social Vending System”, lets users buy PepsiCo drinks for their friends through a digital vending machine.

Users of the touch screen vending machine can choose to buy a drink for themselves, subscribe to the Pepsi Refresh Project, send a drink to a stranger, or to gift and redeem a drink from a friend. In order to send a gift, users choose a drink, enter the recipient’s name and mobile phone number, and type a personalized text message to be sent along with a unique code to the recipient’s phone. There is also the option to then record a video message using a camera built in to the vending machine. Once the text message has been received by the gift recipient, the code can be entered at a Pepsi social vending machine to redeem the gifted drink, and the pre-recorded video message will be played back on the touch screen.

report on Mashable claims ‘a PepsiCo rep says Facebook or other social media integration “are Phase 2 — being explored as it evolves’’. With or without any further development, this remains a fine example of an established brand innovating with social media. (Related: Pharmacy vending machine offers location-based specials through Foursquare
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