STEAM not STEM: Why scientists need arts training

As an arts major living in the business world I’ve always felt lucky to be the one person at the table without an MBA. Learning about art just makes you see things differently – a skill that is highly appreciated in the sciences.

STEAM not STEM: Why scientists need arts training
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California law targets biohacking and DIY CRISPR kits – Vox

California law targets biohacking and DIY CRISPR kits – Vox
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Welcome to the true age of Neuromancer. William Gibson has always been a reality sci-fi writer. Just interesting that his earliest work would take the longest to come to fruition. Is there a geopolitical split in California’s future too?

Report: Gen Z, Millennials more willing to give up personal data in exchange for personalized experiences – MarTech Today

Report: Gen Z, Millennials more willing to give up personal data in exchange for personalized experiences – MarTech Today
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As with all things in life it’s a give and take. Only customizing ad targeting is not a “give” in and of itself.

Smart Speakers and Thermostats Will Monetize Life at Home – The Atlantic

As internet-connected devices and appliances accumulate, one academic foresees “the monetization of every move you make.”
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In other words: how Alexa will eventually use my Nest data to sell me a cashmere sweater – and not just any cashmere sweater but one that I really really like.

The Blue Scare

Facebook stock dropped…plunged…yesterday amid the continuing privacy and data woes wrought by the Cambridge Analytica team. Facebook is really taking one for team Technorati. What most people may not realize is that much of the 3rd party data Facebook was making available is still available through other channels. You are giving away data right now as your read this. I will be able to know what browsers people used to read this and from there know the interests and locations of those people. Did you use your credit card this week? You gave away data that your bank is making money off of renting (and you are paying interest to do so!) Did you watch your DVR this week? Spectrum knows what you watched and when and if your household has children.

Need to find households with incomes over 150k that purchase luxury goods? People who frequently by cruise vacations? People who overspend on pet products? Own boats?

The data is out there and it’s not going away. When GDPR arrives in the states (as it is sure to do) it will make collecting data a little bit more difficult but the data will still be collected. Do you imagine yourself turning away from a website that provides content you want? Do you imagine paying a premium cost for your data to not be collected and used?

There is a company out there now that can tell you everything about the people who live in one particular household and then target them advertising when they’re away from the house.

Until the world wants to pay a premium for privacy the data will be there and available to those seeking it.

It just won’t be available in Facebook…..for now.