Clicked to Distraction or Edutainment?

The Rabbit Hole. It happens to us all. I was recently working on a strategy project at GOODCORPS and I overheard one of the people say “I’m taking some learning time.” to her colleague. I thought that was a great way to describe the Rabbit Hole. Learning time.

I was on Linked In looking up an old colleague, saw a post from Shane Atchison, the CEO of POSSIBLE – an agency that does amaaaaaaazing work and then boom. It happened. Down the Rabbit Hole. For almost an hour. In the middle of the work day with deadlines looming and people to meet – there I went. Down, down, down. The video that took me there is below. I felt guilty for a moment. “Damn…I hate when I do that. It felt like 10 minutes not 40.”

But then I realized it was Learning Time. I learned so much from the video on Collectives and then clicking through to the various communities featured in the video. (I stopped myself as I clicked into the 4th story on and realized that it led to the 9th level of distraction.)

But what did I learn that was useful? What problems did I solve? I had no fewer than 5 solid ideas for the project that I WASN’T working on while in the Rabbit Hole, realized that there is a community online for almost everything it would seem and the one I’m working on can be broken down into smaller and smaller communities, and I learned as I watched the part on the birdwatching community that I really only have one topic that I am truly devoted to and that is learning. About anything. And that Edutainment as a movement is enormous right now thanks to the net. With all this information presented in such beautiful ways how can we possibly expect kids to learn sitting at a desk with a boring non moving book page. Blech.

So no more Rabbit Hole. No more wasted time. It is now officially called “Learning Time” – and I encourage anyone who feels guilty for surfing the net at the office to view it as such. Sometime you have to get out of your head to get back into it.

The Quiet Revolution

susan cain the power of introverts

I found this speech to be incredibly moving. We live in a world where extroverts gain all the credit for having the loudest voices in the room, but not always the best solutions. We sometimes know of the Introvert in a “trusted advisor” role…but certainly not enough.

I hope you will spend the short 18 minutes of time to watch Susan Cain and give the Introvert you work with a little recognition. And, if you recognize yourself in here, that it gives you some comfort and empowers you to be you.

Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

stop, hey, what’s that sound? everybody look what’s goin’ down.

Occupy Wall Street

WHAT the hell is going on?  There is all this news coverage happening on a very sensational level and a very “objective” level..reporting. But what about context? What about history? I was talking with a friend yesterday about how we both just feel like something is about to “pop”.  There is SO much tension.  It reminded me of a feeling I had after watching the Baader Meinhoff Complex. This was the generation that fought against their parents generation of “fascism”….

are we watching the same sort of thing with this generation and their parents (AND some grandparents) having come through the lens of the 60’s and 70’s? In the film this faction attacks capitalism, starts attacking insitutions with bombs. (When the film came to the US there was a whole other layer of controvery. Hitchens commented best here.)  The protests happening here in LA around the rising tuitions just layers on a “Kent State” vibe to the whole thing.

This article in Wired Magazine yesterday also shone a light on the organized aspects of “Secret HQ of OWS”. It also made me feel there are absolutely some kind of parallels to be drawn here. I wasn’t born when alot of it started, but I can tell you that having a parent who was “a hippie”, hung out in the village smoking cigarettes listening to Bob Dylan, a female parent that taught me everything about protest and civil rights and always encouraged participation (marched a picket line at age 11 to protest my school closures – not enough kids thanks to birth control of course)…having that parent has shaped my political participation.

Having that parent ALSO meant that my baby book was filled with historical ephemera. King getting shot, kennedy, the moon landing.

I’m not sure this is being taken as seriously as it should be….I know there is no clear ask as there was with getting out of vietnam. But i have to think that if Geitner and the Justice Dept could pull a J Edgar Hoover and start dragging “criminals” off to jail….banking people seem to be the target. Even just a few…that it would do something to quell a little bit of the tension.  Just a little….but it would be something.

How do you really feel?

pulse of the nation

This fantastic project was sent to me yesterday. You hear the phrase “the collective unconcious” but really what is it? Well, some folks at Northeastern University have put together a fantastic set of data that shows what people are feeling throughout the day based on Tweets. The video below shows the “Pulse of The Nation” over a time period – red being unhappy and green being happy.  There are also still graphics located here – PULSE OF A NATION.

It’s really a fantastic look into what sort of data we are sharing about ourselves without even knowing it and how that can be harnessed into some meaningful information. It is why more than ever monitoring your brand on social media is important. Pick any topic and do a seach and you will find the most recent tweets – and hopefully some insight from them as well.