my new favorite source of food for my brain

cover15.jpg I recently stumbled upon Monacle I know that I am not the “average” consumer; but wow. This is some engaging content! My first visit had me on the site for over 45 minutes. It’s sort of Wallpaper Magazine mashed with the BBC. It’s brilliant. The video content is well produced and interesting and just long enough for surfing around; the tags are done well to lead you into other areas.

The entire site is well designed, the content strategy well branded – and so much so that I signed up for the paper version of Monacle as well. I know that we live in a digital world – but as I head into the woods for the long weekend, I carry with me a stack of magazines for the hammock under a tree. There is still something about touching and looking at a glossy photo on the printed page that is so satisfying. I can’t see that going away.