one of the things that drew me to interactive/digital was information. databases. it started with the idea that i always knew in my GUT who i wanted to market a certain product to – but the internet – it just helped me find more of them, more about them, gave me info on people i hadn’t thought of targeting, info on how to target them better….anyone who knows me knows that i’m a fact junkie. and that i love musing and wondering about the why and how of it all….i love to “glean”. the data — to know what people are like minded about what things…what connects us all…shivers in my brain 🙂

so today is an exciting day as it is the day that google publishes the year end “zeitgeist”

which is googlegod’s report on the global search terms of the year.  yep – i’m actually fascinated by it – in fact LOVE zeitgeist. love. (as an aside i also enjoy hanging out for a few minutes every so often at metaspy – where i just saw as i clicked for the hyperlink that there are a lot of people searching for flowers and why would any florist not be investing in local online advertising or SEO…but i digress.)

zeitgeist – where we can now officially say that sarah palin is the biggest – wel most searched – star in the world.

read it and weep kids.

zeitgest for the world….

It baffles:

Chuck Norris fastest rising in South Africa? (apparently from a fantasy poll that had him beating obama.)

It confirms:

Google does rule the world (orkust, google, youtube always ranking most popular)

It begs the question:

why do they translate the arabic searches into english but not the thai, russian, korean or chinese?

It educates:

india’s 6th central pay commission website is highest rising #9 which leads me to believe that ALOT of people in India went on “the dole” this year.

It fascinates:

#6 in france? pages jaune (yellow pages) why???

the dutch love miley

and the most fascinating is alexander graham bell rising fast in hong kong.  there is no explanation from google…and with a little of my own googling i can only surmise it had something to do with some iphone coverage and the youth of hong kong do not know that mr bell invented the phone.  but i could be wrong…perhaps someone else knows? please correct or confirm my assumption!

It confirms:

here is the US?  this vampire thing aint goin away anytime soon.  despite the fact that i canNOT just get into True Blood!